Welcome to the Royal Thai Consulate Birmingham.


The Thai Consulate can no longer accept postal applications.


We will issue visas in Birmingham that are handed into the office between 8.00am- 11.00am Monday to Friday, excluding UK bank holidays.


Our office is situated at 1 Victoria Square, opposite the Council House and Town Hall. We are only a 5 minute walk from either Birmingham New Street or Snow Hill railway stations and 10 minutes from Moor Street railway station. With motorway links, airport, tram, bus or car we are very accessible.

With immediate effect all Non-Immigrant visas cannot be issued on the same day, as we require authorisation from the Royal Thai Embassy in London. PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 1 WEEK PRIOR TO DEPARTURE.

 We will contact you with the decision on your visa application as soon as we are notified by the Embassy in London.

Please ensure we have your UK contact telephone number.

 All other visas will be issued on the same day as usual providing we have all the correct documentation.


Tourist Visa One Entry - £25.00

 Tourist Visa Two Entries - £50.00

Tourist Visa Three Entries - £75.00

Non-Immigrant One Entry - £50.00

 Non-Immigrant Multiple Entry - £125.00




The Thai authorities have changed the way in which they will deal with tourists entering Thailand for up to 30 days without a valid visa and as there is some confusion as to the exact meaning of these changes we hope that this explanation will help clarify the situation.

The most important point to understand is that this only affects people who do not have a valid visa. If you have a valid visa there is no change at all to the way your travel arrangements will be dealt with and you need read no further.

If you are entering the Kingdom of Thailand without a valid visa there is a concession which allows you to do so providing that the following conditions are ALL fulfilled.

1. Your Passport is on a list of passports approved for this purpose. It is likely to be but please check if you are in doubt.

2. Your visit to the Kingdom of Thailand is for tourism purposes only.

3. You hold a confirmed air ticket to leave the Kingdom within 30 days direct from a Thai airport. Please note that you must travel by air and travel from an an airport outside of Thailand does not count.

This has been the rule for many years and nothing has changed in this regard. The only thing that has changed is that these rules are being applied more strictly than in the past.  This means that you will not be allowed into the Kingdom of Thailand without a valid visa unless you can fulfil all of the above conditions.

If you enter the Kingdom at an immigration checkpoint, which borders another country, you may be allowed upto 15 days entry providing you have a confirmed air ticket to leave the Kingdom within those 15 days.

Note that this enforcement of the current rules are intended to end the practice of a person without a valid visa going to the border every 30 days.

Please also be aware that Airlines often check if passengers have either a valid visa or a return ticket within 30 days and will exclude you from boarding a flight to Thailand if you have neither. The Thai authorities have asked Airlines to be more vigilant in this respect.

The last point is that this 30 days only applies if your total stay is up to 30 days. It is not a free 30 days which can be added to the length of your visa as some people seem to think.

All Visa application forms are now available in Acrobat Reader Version 5 or above and Microsoft Word. If you have an old version of Acrobat Reader, you can download a free version from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.


Kind Regards

Geoff Howard, Hon Consul for Thailand.

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